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Why Tutoring Matters?

Falling Grades

If a student notice a decline in their academic performance, whether it be homework results or exam scores, it maybe time to seek extra help from a tuition agency. Exam time can be stressful for students and many find themselves underperforming as a result of this pressure. Using the services of tutoring agency can really lift a student’s grades as having a structured study programme in place ensures commitment to learning. For many student, falling grades is often due to a lack of confidence in asking questions in the classroom. Having a tutor’s full attention throughout the duration of a lesson can really make a difference to a student’s learning as questions can be addressed there and then, without the hesitations of asking in front of a class.

Lacking Confidence

Uncertainty is a given throughout the learning process, especially when tackling new theories and concepts. However, if a student feels they are struggling to learn these new ideas and finds that they are unable to keep up with their classmates’s progress, then using a tuition agency might be the answer. Sometimes, all it takes is a little acknowledgement that a student is already doing well in a subject and only a few improvements are needed in order for them to achieve their goals. What’s more, students often find that having tuition in one subject improves their grades in other subjects too, as their confidence spills over into other areas of their academic study.

Parent’s Unable to Help

Especially for younger students, parents are often a huge influence in the learning process. However, there comes a point that parents aren’t able to commit as many hours to help their child with their school work. Also, as a child progresses in their academic career, their workload increases and the subjects get more difficult too. Scheduling in time with a tuition agency can prove to be an effective alternative to parental help. A qualified tutor will know their subject inside out and will be familiar with relevant coursework and common problem students face on specific topics. These tutors will have been thoroughly interviewed before hand so their qualifications and knowledge are ensured.


Why choose our home tuition agency? is a one-stop solution for all your educational needs. All tutors you hire from our tutor agency will be paired with your ward only after verifying requisite tutor credentials.

Effective Home Tuition

> We understand that parents/students want to see an improvement in their grades when they engaged a home tutor, thus we will find a private tutor that suits your needs and requirement, and can teach based on the student’s learning style.

> When the teaching is effective, you can be assured that your kid can improve his/her grades in class.

Affordable Rates

> Are you concerned with paying too much tuition costs? We will make an effort to come up with a payment plan that is not just cost-effective, but a lot better than other agencies.

> We will always keep track of our tuition rate structures. We will evaluate the best rate according to the quality of learning, and you will get home tutoring for your child at a cost-effective level.

Experience Home Tutor

> Our professional tutors will quickly became familiar with the learning methods that work best for your child. Therefore, they can tailor their lessons to your child’s specific strength.

> We have huge database of home tutors which include undergraduate students, current school teacher, ex-school teacher, graduate and
professional workers for you to choose from. That is why we are the best tuition agency in Malaysia.


Our approach to home tutoring

Faydtutor have 5-point approach to private tuition.

The mission

We make sure the ‘tutoring mission‘ is well established before the programme starts. This include speaking to parents to work out exactly what the student’s requirements are.

Assessment (optional)

If requires, we arrange for the students to be academically assessed. The assessor will help parent set realistic goals for the tuition and passes a thorough report to the tutor detailing areas that need the most work.

Selection of a tutor

We choose an appropriate tutor, with the experience and skills to complete the particular mission.

Immediate feedback

We make contact with the parents/students/tutors after the first lesson to discuss the reactions of both, and to see whether the stated mission is realistic or needs adjusting.

Regular feedback throughout the course

Each tutor is required to submit a monthly report detailing the work done in the month; the success and areas to work on; and the work for the coming month.