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Fayd Instructor
Tutor play a vital role in communicating our vision and philosophy to parents and students. It is your role to inspire children to realize their maximum potential.

Tutor will assess each student to determine their capability and from this point, a study projection will be shared so that parents will have a clear image of how children will develop through the tutoring program.

Tutor will carry ‘good tutor’ attributes throughout the program. Student feedback indicates that a good tutor is someone who:

  • Is enthusiastic.
  • Is approachable and accessible for consultation.
  • Acknowledges student as individuals, values students and creates a welcoming environment.
  • Is confident, organised and prepared.
  • Is positive about student and student’s learning; and not critical.
  • Is knowledgeable of the relevant course topics, course details and organisational issues.
  • Gives clear explanations (of learning materials and assessment criteria, and expectations) and is willing to discuss them with individual student.
  • Use variety of teaching and learning methods.
  • Ask questions and is able to generate but not dominate discussion-lead the students through the material, not ‘lecturing’ but gives students opportunity to answer questions and ask the other questions and check whether students have an understanding of the material.
  • Doesn’t assume prior knowledge, and encourages student to ask even ‘stupid’ questions without fear of ridicule.
  • Is supportive, takes some interest in student’s progress and gives constructive feedback to student.
  • Reflects on their own performance as a teacher and seeks to continually improve.

The tutor is responsible for developing each child’s independence thus they are the vital link in the process of maximizing each child’s self-learning ability.



  • Tutor must have strong desire to work with student and to help them develop their learning.
  • The minimum qualification we expect is to hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline or professional qualification with credit in Mathematics and English in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
  • Tutor┬ámust demonstrate proficiency in both interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Passionate about education and must always seek to improve your own knowledge and understanding.
  • Malaysian or permanent resident holder.



  • We have plenty of home tuition job assignments everyday and if you wish to become a home tutor, please Sign Up.
  • After registration, tutors can apply job at Browse Tutor Job section. Your information will be matched by our staff. Parents/students will then select their preferred tutor.
  • The shortlisted tutor will be contacted by our staff.
  • Please note that not all tuition jobs will be advertised so it is recommended for you to register as a tutor at our website so that we can directly send tuition assignments to you in the future.