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Hiring Tips

Tuition Sessions & Subjects

  • Normally for primary student, the learning hours will be 1.5 hours since younger children tend to have shorter attention span.
  • For secondary school student, it will be 2 hours per lesson as they need to tackle lot of questions in order to build up their understandings



  • Please communicate with the tutor about your expectation during the first meetings.
  • Please show your children’s previous examination paper so that tutor can analyse the latest progress of your children.
  • The most important thing is you need to inform the tutor about children behaviour so that the tutor can handle it efficiently.



  • The homework part is the most important part in tuition class. Please make sure your children finished the given homework before the next lesson as this will improve the time management for the class and tutor can give more focus on discussion.


Feedback and monthly Reporting

  • After every lessons, please ask the feedback from your children whether the lesson is beneficial or not.
  • We also will provide the feedback form to you so that we can analyse the tutor and student condition from weekly and monthly basis.
  • Tutor also will be asked to provide progress report every month on what is covered, how time is spent and problems that tutor encounter when teaching your children.


Salary Payment

  • Parents were advised to made the payment at the end of every month. Paying late by few days should not be a big issue but if late by few weeks, it will affect the performance of the tutor