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Where and when is the tuition class?

You can choose the tuition location as well as the time. It can be anywhere to your convenience. We will assign a tutor that can fit your requirement and special needs.

How many students will there be in a class?

The choice is yours. It can be 1-to-1 tuition and it can be group tuition, but the home tuition rate for group tuition will be different.

How long does it take to get a tutor after submitting a request?

We will call to confirm your request within 1 working days. Then, a suitable tutor will be short-listed within another 2 working days.

Can I change the tutor if I find that he or she is not suitable?

If you are not satisfied with the tutor,you can change the tutor without any charges. However, you need to pay the home tuition fees for all the tuition session given by the tutor. Replacement of tutor will be done within 2 weeks upon notice.

Can I have a replacement class if I miss the home tuition class?

Replacement class can be made with prior notice and discussion with the tutor. Tuition fees will not be charged for the missing class.

What are the main things I should do to make tutor session work for my child and what kind of results will I see in my child?

Always encourage your child to tackle to problem areas by themselves and maintain good communication with your instructor. Tutor will make sure students will master the topic and theories before moving on to a new one. Tutors also were advised to provide monthly progress report so you can understand the up-to-date performance level of your child.

Safety and security during the session?

We are not responsible for any misconduct by the tutor/students. Parent/students are responsible to monitor the home tuition session and make sure the home tuition location is safe for both parties. Physical contact between both parties is not allowed. No verbal abuse is allowed. No vulgarity is allowed.

Who are the tutors?

Experienced educators, lecturers, professional tutors and workers, and undergraduate universities student. The tutor are short-listed from the hundreds application we receive every month. You can share with us your requirement on your home tutors.

How do I know that your tutors are qualified?

Each tutor’s information and credentials are verified by us. If you would like to personally verify your assigned tutor’s credential, it is perfectly acceptable to request them to provide necessary documents during the first lesson.

I would like to hire a school teacher for home tuition. Are there any?

We do have a number of registered full time school teacher. However home tuition rate for school teachers will be subject to availability.

How about home tuition fees and do I pay the tuition fee directly to the tutor?

Parent/Students will pay any home tuition fee directly to the tutor.

a) For a home tuition subject with a class frequency of 1 time per week:

Payment need to be paid on the fourth week of lessons or end of monthly lessons.


b) For a home tuition subject with a class frequency of 2 to 3 times per week:

Students/parent must pay tuition fees once every 2 week of lessons to the tutor.


c) For a home tuition subject with a class frequency of 4 times and above per week:

Students/parent must pay tuition fees on a weekly basis of lessons to the tutor.

Why is the price varied?

It depends on the tutor’s travel distance from their place to your house,their experience and qualification.